Dave Thomas of StereoTimes was mightily impressed with the sound of our NL-14+ amps driving the Quintessence QLS loudspeaker system at the 2014 T.H.E Show. He noted: "Normally big sounding systems are anything but highly resolved. But the Tom Maker amps on these line source speakers seemed to be a synergistic match."

Our new G9 amplifier was the subject of a nice review in Positive Feedback recently. Reviewer Michael Wechsberg summed up: "All I can say is that I really enjoyed my time with the G9 and believe it would do a great job with many speakers. I strongly recommend you contact Maker Audio for a dealer in your area to try it out for yourself."

Yet another great review of our G9 amplifier appeared in Ultra High End Review recently. All you really need to know is in the final two words: "Easily recommended."

Stereophile casts an admiring glance at the G9 and NL14 amplifiers we displayed at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Some nice pictures of our team and products. And there is another nice photo of Tom and the G9 in this post from the Chinese blog MY-HIEND.

Terry Eringi of AVShowrooms has posted a video interview with our own Tom Maker discussing and demonstrating the Model 10 speakers. Check it out!

We got some nice coverage from our exhibit at AXPONA 2012. Ultra High-End Audio and Home Theater Review offered a flattering review of the Model 10. Enjoy The Music also enjoyed the Model 10s, saying our exhibit was a "you must check out this room" favorite. And Stereophile joined in singing the speakers' praises, too, noting that "the system produced prodigious, perfectly focused percussion from a CD by Jim Keltner. Air, depth and height were all excellent, with no part of the frequency response overhyped."

We'll be showcasing the Model 10 speaker again at Audio Expo North America, March 9-11. We'll be in Room 410; details are here. If you're in the Jacksonville, Fla., area, please stop by for a listen.

Our new flagship speaker, the Model 10, debuted at the 2012 T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January 2012. Our demo got a nice notice from Positive Feedback, which noted: "Audio speakers include a powered woofer section and DSP room correction. Options include full active operation with additional amps for the tweeter and midrange drivers. I only listened for a couple minutes, but found the sound overall to be superb."

Another notice from Positive Feedback added: "This room sounded quite nice, loved these speakers. These are the Model-10, $35,000 actively driven, four amplifiers, DSP processing, Bluetooth and WiFi! Can stream music directly to them."

TheUltra High End Review also liked what they heard:

One of the highlights of T.H.E. Show was the introduction by Tom Maker, founder of Edge Electronics, of Maker Audio's ... new Model 10 loudspeaker, It is constructed from aluminum, carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforforced extruded polyethelene, with the midrange and tweeter enclosures braced with tension rods to keep resonances to a minimum. Crossover and phase alignment are handled by DSP. The M-10 is active in design, with the bass cabinet housing the amplifiers. An Olive music server served as the source, with an Edge preamplifier controlling volume. ZenSati cables were used. As with most active loudspeakers, the sound was extremely dynamic, and in this case refined.

The Stereo Times also liked the sound of the Model 10. They wrote:

Ran into Tom Maker, formally of Edge Electronics, smiling broadly over his new company and loudspeaker. Maker Audio X's Model 10 ($35k) is quite a unique looking loudspeaker that incorporates three independent and horizontal spherical tube enclosures melded from aluminum, carbon fiber and fiber glass. From a brief listen, I could tell this loudspeaker was clean and fast with nary a hint of bass hump or thud. I was really impressed when Maker started streaming music directly to the Model 10s wirelessly via an Apple iPad.

The Stereo Times' Dave Thomas wrote:

One of the first rooms that I visited was the M Audio room where they were demonstrating their new Model 10 loudspeakers ($35,000/pair). M Audio is a new company from Tom Maker, formerly of Edge Electronics. The Model 10 uses a pair of ceramic midrange drivers and a diamond tweeter in a D’Appolito configuration on top and a 12” woofer on the bottom. The speakers are powered by 1100 watts/channel of amplification and also feature a DSP processor so that allows you to run a digital source wirelessly. This room also featured products from ZenSati cable and Stillpoints audio racks and isolation devices. The Model 10s are very attractive speakers and sounded fairly nice, but the room setup was loaded with drapery and I think may have been over dampened a bit. I still think it’s an exciting speaker and can’t wait to hear it under better conditions.

Born Rich magazine has also checked out the Model 10 and had some flattering things to say in a recent issue.

The Wizard High End Audio Blog had some nice photos of our T.H.E. Show exhibit.