Maker Audio is proud to introduce our new flagship speaker, the Model 10, as well as two new amplifiers.


The Model 10 louspeaker has some unique features not found on most loudspeakers. To start, Model 10 can be configured in many different ways to tailor the speaker for our customers. From standard ceramic tweeters to diamond tweeters, six independant amplifiers, an Onboard digital Sound processing module and wireless music streaming, the Model 10 is a very flexible speaker platform.

Since the model 10 incorporates digital sound processing, We are able to tailor the loudspeaker to the acoustics of the room in which it will be located. Since room acoustics play a major role in the final sound of any loudspeaker, this enables the loudspeaker to sound the way the designers intended no matter what room or location.

Maker Audio speakers are sold only though authorized dealers and distributors, as this assures each and every speaker will be set up and programed by a trained Maker Audio associate, assuring the ultimate in loudspeaker and music experience.

Download the current price list for speakers and options.


Maker Audio introduces our new line of amplifiers based on our technology from the EDGE amplifier line we pioneered beginning in the 1980s. We have taken everything we have learned while building EDGE products and also added some new twists to bring you the latest amplifiers from Maker Audio. The new models have been substantially improved over the old EDGE "G" and "NL" model lineup. The new line will sport a new look using a laser-cut stainless steel chassis and be branded under the Maker Audio Product line so that you know you are getting the newest product with the backing and support of Maker Audio and founder Tom Maker.

We have updated all of the older designs and are incorporating new technologies that we have been working on recently. Some of these include more efficient transformers- 5% better transformer efficiency and 20% better transformer shielding. Also we designed a new filtering power supply based on our original EDGE ACF-1 and 2 designs. It is built right into the amplifier and removes any noise and unwanted DC components from the AC line, eliminating the need for external line filters or AC conditioners.

The new line also sports 20% higher output power than the previous line. Also new to the designs is the stainless steel chassis. These chassis are laser cut to ensure high precision and consistent fit and finish and of course they look amazing. We will begin selling two new amplifiers starting in July 2012 and will start pre orders in June. The new models will compete with the EDGE "G" and "NL" model line. The newest addition to the Maker Audio line will be the the "G9" and the "NL14" amplifiers, followed by the Signature 2.1 Preamp in the fall of 2012.

The Maker Audio G9 amplifier competes with the EDGE G6/ G8 model and has the following specifications:

  • Retail introductory Pricing $ 3,995.00
  • Chassis 1 Transformer 1
  • Number of channels 2
  • Transformer rating 1 X 1250 VA
  • Total capacitance 56,000 uF
  • Power rating into 8 ohm 225 watts/ channel
  • Output impedance .06 Ohms
  • Constant current 14.3 amps
  • Input Type RCA/ Balanced
  • Weight 48 pounds
  • Dimensions 16"w X 15 deep X 4.5"h
  • Availability July 2012
  • Manufactured in the USA

The Maker Audio NL14 amplifier competes with the EDGE NL series of amplifiers and has the following specifications.

  • Retail introductory Pricing $ 9,875.00
  • Chassis: 1
  • Transformer: 2
  • Number of channels 2
  • Number of Lasers 2
  • Transformer rating 2 X 1250 VA
  • Total capacitance 112,000 uF
  • Power rating into 8 ohm 325 watts/ channel
  • Output impedance .03 Ohms
  • Constant current 28.6 amps
  • Input Type RCA/ Balanced
  • Weight 102 pounds
  • Dimensions 16"w X 15 deep X 6.5" h
  • Availability August 2012 Manufactured in the USA